Milos island
Palaiochori Beach


Discover a unique mix of culture and nature along with immaculate beaches that invite you to become an explorer of the lively island of Milos.

The outstanding views that surround the luxury suites complex, hold an impressive backdrop due to the fascinating colour formations of the island’s volcanic landscape.

Palaiochori is located on the south coast of Milos, ten kilometers from Adamantas town which is the main harbor of the island.

Experience the Cycladic treasures on perhaps one of the most colourful beaches on the island at Palaiochori beach with turquoise water and its red and yellow rocks that that were formed from the eruption of an ancient volcano, making it one of the most scenic views one can indulge in. The beach is covered with golden sand and sparkling pebbles that appear both cheerful and wild at the same time. An even more remarkable fact about this beach is the hot sulphur water which is considered as a natural spa inviting you to dig deep into the therapeutic warm volcanic beach sand while taking a hot sulphur bath.

Embark on new culinary adventures and experience a new cooking style technique, where food is baked by burying pots of marinated meat or fish in sandpits allowing them to be slowly cooked in the heat of the sand during the night. By the next morning, guests are invited to taste exceptionally tender meals with a mix of local spices.

Apart of the uniquely mesmerizing beach at Palaiochori, there are plenty of other experiences one can enjoy at Milos Island and one of these is Sarakiniko beach or else the most admired and ultimate photographic spot on the island. Located along the coastal road east of Adamas and northeast of Milos, this particular and impressive landscape is formed by long horizontal white cliffs which create a beautiful contrast with the deep blue and sapphire waters that surround the area. While not the typical beach, Sarakiniko is considered as a lunar landscape, an instantly recognisable spot and one of the most spectacular must-see beaches in Greece.

Explore the popular crystal-clear waters of Kleftiko cove on the southwest tip of Milos Island, known as an old pirate’s hideout due to its striking rock formations and caves and only accessible by sailboats. Spend the day swimming and snorkelling through the caves and finish it off with a cookout on the beach with the sunset as a backdrop.

The panoramic view of Adamas harbour town is one of the largest ports on the island and one of the most picturesque locations as it is surrounded by views of the Mediterranean Sea, rural green fields, and the famously known island white houses. Other scenic areas and villages of the island include Plaka which is the capital of the island and is located on a hill and is the extension of the castle region in Milos known by the locals as Kastro.

The streets in Plaka are the well distinguished and charming cobble-stone paths that one would expect from a popular Greek island. Stroll around the streets of the capital and shop locally made products; admire the fascinating culture by visiting the Cycladic archaeological museum to see a copy of the famous Aphrodite of Milos statue, taste the mouth-watering Greek cuisine, and get ready to embark on new adventures

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